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Pat DiNardo Benevolence Fund

    Pat DiNardo Benevolence Fund


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For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing Pat DiNardo, you would have known that he was a man full of compassion, kind-heartedness and generosity.

Pat was a wonderful teacher and role-model with great spirit and presence.  
He truly loved sport and all of the wonderful qualities it transcended to develop 
not only fine young athletes, but incredible, young adults.

More dear than his love of sport, was his love of coaching.  As well as coaching with the Sooners and Norseman Football League, the Gloucester/Cumberland Basketball Association and the Gloucester Dragons, Pat devoted 8 years of coaching both girls and boys with the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets.  And by far, the only thing Pat loved more than coaching 
were the kids that he coached – each and every one of them.  
He used to say “Sport teaches you about life lessons and makes you the person you are.

Pat was often referred to as someone whose smile was as big as his heart and I know 
for certain that he would have been extremely humbled to know that he was thought of 
so fondly and would have been incredibly touched to know that a fund to assist those less fortunate with the gift of sport, would bear his name.  It is a great family honour 
to know that Pat’s legacy will live on and those that knew him will never forget such a special and remarkable man.

The DiNardo Family is proud to support the Pat DiNardo Benevolence Fund annually and encourage all family’s with the ability to help those less fortunate to share in this gift of generosity and gratitude to help those in need.


Jackie DiNardo and the DiNardo family

Editors note:  Pat DiNardo tragically lost his battle with cancer in 2005 and the Pat DiNardo Benevolence Fund that was set up shortly thereafter has financially assisted scores of youths with the gift of Hornets soccer ever since.