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Mike Lanos
Head Coach, Ottawa Gloucester Hornets
"My legacy of making a difference in the lives of young people both as a coach and teacher has been a work in progress for some time now.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to expand on that legacy, in my own community, as the Head Coach of the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets."

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets are delighted to rely on the services of one of the region's foremost soccer experts as their Head Coach.  With over 25 years as a committed, caring coach and with his in-depth understanding of technique, tactics and team play, Mike Lanos is an outstanding leader of the Hornets technical program.  Hornets players and coaches benefit from a truly dynamic and effective teacher of the game.

More about Mike Lanos: 
  • Married to Christine (Elementary school principal) and the proud father of Chelsea and Taylor (both graduates of the University of Ottawa)
  • Holds an NSCAA Premiere License, NSCAA Advanced National License, Canadian National B license, Ontario Provincial B license, and an NSCAA Director of Coaching certification. Mike possesses an extremely high degree of knowledge as it pertains to youth development and education in general, and soccer and sport in particular.
  • Has over 25 years of coaching experience at a variety of levels and ages with both genders.  Mike's legendary Gloucester-trained 1992 girls team, following principles espoused by LTPD, was unbelievably successful, with the vast majority of players continuing to play at the top levels of the sport, including in the CIS, NCAA, National Team programs, and the Women's FIFA World Cup.
  • Is a former professional player (Canadian Soccer League) and a 3 time All-Ontario and CIAU All-Canadian selection in university and Carleton University Athlete of the Year in 1985. During his youth he played on a variety of District, Regional and Provincial teams.
  • A former litigation lawyer who hold a Masters Degree in Childhood Education and teaches primary school on an occasional basis in the OCDSB.
  • Has an extensive knowledge of the physiological and psychological needs of athletes having completed 4 Ironman triathlons and a dozen marathons.
  • A competent, committed, and caring coach who communicates well and works to build the confidence of those under his charge.
  • Known for character and integrity, consistency of approach, and skills evaluating players.

What inspires Mike Lanos?  "The American writer, Henry Brooks Adams, once wrote that 'a teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops'.  How powerful is that?  Nothing is more inspiring than knowing you make a difference.