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Ottawa Gloucester Hornets


Website Banner

Website Banner Page Design

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets website banner comprises many carefully crafted elements into a visually attractive design featuring the club's official colours of green, gold and black.

The club logo anchors the banner at the top left.  The logo ties together several components: the “G” for Gloucester, a stylized hornet, a soccer ball, and the trillium (the provincial flower of Ontario).

At the centre of the page, a broad swath of gold, ringed with black, represents the hornet's stinger.  The stinger reminds us that hornets are not only hard-working and social, but also dangerous adversaries!

A close look at the green background of the design reveals it is composed of tiny honeycombs.  In nature, honeycombs are used by hornets in the building of their nests.  It is an extremely efficient pattern that creates very strong structures with a minimal amount of building material.  The honeycomb is frequently seen in soccer as well.  The traditional black/white soccer ball is comprised of individual panels that assemble into a honeycomb pattern. Goal netting also often uses this same pattern.

The Hornets affiliation with the Montreal Impact is highlighted by the addition of the logo of this MLS franchise. 

The club tag line “Create a Buzz, Play Hornets Soccer!” reminds us of the significant impact the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets have had on the Ottawa soccer scene since we were first formed in the 1970s.

The tag line appears in both official languages reflecting the bilingual nature of our east end neighbourhoods.