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Eric Danis (1979-1998)

September 7, 2000

Dear Friends,

Re:  Pavillon Eric Danis Clubhouse

He was an inspiration to all that met him; we were in awe of his strength, his grace, his courage and his unselfish kindness; now we have an opportunity to make that a living legacy for Eric Danis.

His family and friends shared Eric's pain as he gamely fought leukemia; an even greater circle of friends witnessed with admiration his remarkable persona as he shared that fight in public.  Raising funds for CHEO, co-hosting the CHEO Telethon and other special events, speaking publically about his love of life, and the blessings God gave to him in spite of the vulgar disease that ate away at him.

Of all his passions, soccer always rated at or near the top.  It was his joy, as his teammates can attest.  This Hornets Nest Clubhouse will be a reminder to all of us, always, that life is precious, celebrating it daily so imporant; it will challenge other young people to embrace Eric's mission to make a difference in the life of this planet, in the lives of others.  And it will always remind us a truly remarkable young hero, to whom we are forever indebted for teaching us - in death - about living.

Max Keeping
Honorary Chair Fundraising Committee