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Player Expectations

Expectations of Players

In advance of registering your young athlete in our competitive soccer program for the summer season, the Ottawa Gloucester Hornets want to ensure that you understand our guidelines and expectations, together with the level of commitment you will be asked to make.  We trust the information provided below will address most of your concerns, but in the event that you have any further questions, please ensure that we answer them prior to you submitting your registration.


It is important to understand that, over and apart from your registration fees with the Hornets each team will have a team fee to pay for tournaments, equipment, uniforms, technical coaches, social events and other miscellaneous expenses.  These fees will vary and will be higher where an older team at a higher level of play intends on going out of town for one or more tournaments. Team Budgets that exceed a minimum threshold are subject to the scrutiny of the Hornets Board of Directors. Should you have any questions about your team budget, that haven't been answered by the team leadership - please raise with a member of the Hornets Board.

Length of Summer Season

The soccer season for most teams will commence in or about April (training) and run through into the beginning of September.  Most league play commences in late May and is completed by the end of August, although Cup competitions can run into September.

Playing Time

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets are committed to a model of play that stresses development and enjoyment of the game over winning at all costs.  As such, playing on an Ottawa Gloucester team means your child will actually play as opposed to simply watching others play while they occupy space on a bench.  With that said, we do not want our players feeling that they are “entitled” to an equal amount of playing time irrespective of their own performance in games and, more importantly, in training. As such, playing time will depend, in part, on the following factors at the discretion of the coach:
  • Effort (in games and training)
  • Training attendance;
  • Training performance;
  • Player’s physical state (fitness);
  • Player’s attitude and discipline (or lack thereof);
  • Player’s ability

Training Sessions

Most teams will train twice per week and these sessions will be mandatory. Coaches will set training schedules on a recurring basis to allow for families to plan their summers in advance.  Coaches may add in an occasional extra session in a week, but that will be the exception, not the rule.

Training Expectations:
  • Players must arrive at the field 15 minutes prior to training ready to go.
  • Players must practice in Club assigned training kit, where applicable
  • Players must come with a properly inflated soccer ball.
  • Players must wear shin-guard and proper foot wear.
  • Players must notify a coach if he or she will be late or must leave early.
  • Players must notify the coach of an anticipated absence well in advance
  • Players may not train with another team in the Club without the permission of the Hornets Program Director and/or Hornets Head Coach.
  • Parents are not to speak to the players on the field during training except in an emergency. Simply put, there will be absolutely no coaching from the sidelines by parents.
  • Players should expect that, whether for a legitimate reason or not, where a training session is missed it may result in reduced playing times in games and tournaments.

Local Games

Generally, teams will play once per week on a set night.  All schedules can be accessed via league web sites - ERSL or OCSL.  Occasionally, an additional game will have to be played due to rescheduling.
Most games are played within Ottawa-Carleton boundaries. However, much like other sports, in some Divisions there are teams across Eastern Ontario as far as Kingston and Belleville in the south, Cornwall to the East and West Carleton in the west.

Game Day
  • Players must arrive at the game field at the time assigned by the coach (generally a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the game).
  • Players should be prepared to play and properly rested and nourished.
  • Players must wear a Hornets uniform.
  • Players must give as much advance notice if possible if they will miss a game.
  • Players must notify coaches in advance that they will be late for a game or if they must leave early.
  • There is to be absolutely no parent coaching from the sidelines. Failure to abide by this reasonable request may limit your child’s playing time.
  • All parents will be asked to abide by and adhere to our parent Code of Conduct.
  • All players will be asked to abide by and adhere to our player Code of Conduct.
  • The Hornets insist upon a post game 24 hour rule.  No one may speak to a coach or manager following a game about issues pertaining to this or other games, playing time or positional play.


The number of tournaments will vary from team to team and will also be dependent on the level of play, with higher level teams looking to go out of town to find higher levels of competition.  Generally speaking out younger teams (under 12) will play on average 2 to 3 festivals between May and September with most (or all) in Ottawa or within a short drive. We also have affiliations with Clubs in Montreal and will be looking to do some one day events on a reciprocal basis to allow for healthy competition while minimizing costs.

Conflicting sports and holidays

Children playing two or more sports almost always face some overlap, but do take care not to paint yourself and your child into a corner. Players who regularly miss games or practices can disappoint teammates and coaches on one or both teams. Please discuss potential conflicts with your coach in advance of accepting a spot on a roster so we can see what can be worked out in the best interests of all.
Also, if you plan to go on vacation for an extended period (two weeks or more), please discuss this with the coach in advance of accepting a place on the team. Even longer vacations can be worked out in most cases.  We simply ask that you do not surprise us with an extended vacation plan well after teams have been chosen.

The Ottawa Gloucester Hornets have an open door policy for dealing with concerns. Problems should be identified as soon as possible and dealt with at the earliest possible time.  Apart from our 24 hour rule, we insist that in advance of dealing with any concerns that both parties agree to disagree in a non confrontational manner.
Should you have an issue that cannot be resolved with your coach directly we would ask that you contact the Director of Programs for your age group so that we can proactively deal with it in the best interests of your child.

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